A Twist on an Old Tradition is the Upside Down Christmas Tree

If you have you heard the rumor that an upside down Christmas tree is the newest thing this season, than you have possibly heard one side or the other of the heated debates and arguments surrounding it. As with anything a little knowledge can give you the advantage when making any type of decision especially when a purchase is involved. If your quest for a Christmas tree has brought you to a Christmas-Tree-Shop and some basic information will make you decisions much easier than continued reading is suggested.

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The debate or arguments surrounding the upside down Christmas tree involve what it represents or states. Is it a holiday novelty item, some type of department store marketing ploy or is it sacrilegious, a sign of disrespect towards the reason for the season? Of course, the answer is personal and the debate will continue. According to some reports and records supporting this issue, it is stated that the upside down tree of today is not meant to be disrespectful, it started with a store trying to have the ornaments on it be more viewable at eye level and the novelty was born. Other dated records state that the Christmas tree was originally hung upside-down to symbolize a Holy Christmas. Through all the different beliefs, some of the advantages are worth considering.

The advantages to an upside down Christmas tree are vast. It will absolutely be a conversation piece for any gathering during the holiday season. Decorations and ornaments will not get lost in the trees boughs making them easier to see. The chances someone will trip or tip over this styled tree are extremely lower compared to other Christmas trees. If your house is full with toddlers or pets, you no longer have to leave the bottom of the tree bare to keep your favorite keepsake ornament out of harms way. Cleaning under and around the tree is made easy if it is hanging out of the way. Presents will no longer be lost behind or underneath somewhere as there will be plenty of room for gifts and packages in clear view. If your floor space is limited, this is a great option.

The three basic ways to display an upside down tree are hanging it from the ceiling, using a wall mount bracket to hang from the wall or using a weighted stand on the floor with the tree placed in upside down. There are several stores and online sites that have stands and brackets to accommodate this style of tree. The biggest visual drawback to an upside down tree is losing the tree top for your beautiful angel or star topper. Suggestions would include finding a creative way to attach your favorite piece, acquiring a new favorite with an accommodating design for the upside down point or make the stand holding the top more appealing with lights, garland or decorations.

The holiday season is filled with a variety of family traditions, both brand new traditions and family oriented ones, passed along for generations. If you are looking for one to add your own spin to the holiday, an upside down tree could possibly be a great way for you to achieve that while having fun with a fresh twist on a centuries old tradition.

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