5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Guys are easy to shop for. All you have to do with a guy is show him a Brookstone catalog and he’ll probably circle 30 things that he would like to have. The same thing might happen if you take him to Best Buy. But women are a little more subtle in their desires for the perfect gift. So, guys, if you are befuddled and confused about what to buy your wife or girlfriend this Christmas, here are a few ideas to get you thinking in the right direction.

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1)      Pamper Gifts: Your wife or girlfriend wants to be pampered. She loves massages that will loosen up all the knots in her neck and back, spa treatments to open her pores, and manicures and pedicures to shape her nails into sleek, elegant, sexy fingers and toes. If you are looking or a no-fail gift this Christmas, give her a pamper gift that will leave her relaxed and feeling good about herself.

2)      Jewelry: Okay, this one can be kind of tricky, depending on your wife or girlfriend’s tastes, but all women like to open up little velvet boxes to find that you’ve gotten them a special necklace, bracelet, or earrings. But because jewelry is such a personal item, it’s good to get an idea of what she likes first. Take note of the jewelry she already wears and try and find something similar. Or you could try the less subtle approach and suggest walking through the jewelry store next time you’re in the mall.

3)      High-End Kitchen Gear: Again, guys, be careful with this one. A set of expensive and exotic spices might gain you big points, but a toaster will likely have you sleeping on the couch. One of the most sought after kitchen appliances by women is the classic Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. The key to buying a kitchen appliance for Christmas is to buy something high-end and classy, not utilitarian.

4)      iTunes Gift Card: Most women love music and they want to be able to choose what they listen to in the car, at work, or around the house. Giving an iTunes Gift card is a great stocking stuffer that lets her choose exactly what she wants.

5)      Memories: I know this sounds cheesy, but one of the best presents you can give your wife or girlfriend is something that shows them that you value your relationship with her. It could be as simple as putting together a photo album of the two of you, or it could be taking her on a re-creation of your first date. Get creative and show your woman that you love her and care about your relationship by giving her the gift of memories.

Gunter Jameson writes about several topics including travel, minimalism and University of Phoenix Campuses.

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