Nook Glowlight Plus Review

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Barnes and Noble have doubled the storage capacity of its latest NOOK. It gives you much better front lighting and makes the NOOK Glowlight quite the convenient eBook reader. It is very easy to find and purchase books at their online store. The screen resolution may not add up to some of the other eReaders, however, it does feature the front-lit touchscreen allowing you easy navigation for reading day or night. I love my Nook and use it almost every night. More from our Nook Glowlight Plus Review:

Glowlights are able to store around 2,000 books in their 6.2 oz. bodies. You can read with them up to 8 weeks on one charge. Due to its great value and excellent functionality Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Glowlight has earned the Silver Award in our Top Ten Reviews.

The front lighting on this eReader illuminates the screen allowing users to read in dark settings. Other backlit computer screens and tablets put a strain on your eyes. WIth the Glowlight you get light shining down onto the screen as it reflects light back toward you. Having even lighting is a great feature for reading eBooks, newspapers, or magazines. If you take it outside you simply turn off the lighting and adjust the contrast to where it is easy on your eyes.

Nook Glowlight Plus Review
Photo by Wesley Fryer

This device doesn’t support audio-books. However, you can still find audio books on their website. You have access to their store via the Glowlight, so it’s still easy to purchase your eBooks and audiobooks.

You can make your eBook purchases via any NOOK app or device. They have a very large variety of magazines, eBooks, and newspapers. Some people like checking out the ‘download from their local library’ feature.

Again, the battery for the Glowlight lasts up to 8 weeks if you read for around half an hour every day. That means the actual battery life will vary depending on the user’s reading habits. It only takes 4 hours to put a new full charge on the eReader.

You have various fonts for customizing and improving the whole reading experience. You can find fonts like Georgia, Dante, Gill Sans, Baskerville, Ascender Sans, and Mundo Sans. The font size is customizable as well. These features help you match up the reader with your own personal reading preferences.

Nook Glowlight Plus Review Conclusion

The Glowlight is a very convenient and lightweight eBook reader. It carries some excellent features, one of which is the front-lit touchscreen. When you consider it holds up to 2,000 eBooks and gives you access to millions more from the B&N store, you have yourself a pretty awesome eReader that will give you hours of reading pleasure and a great experience.

Barnes And Noble Company Splits

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Barnes and Noble Company is forming 2 separate companies out of its retail stores and the Nook arm of the business. The board of directors voted to create both publicly-owned companies to gain traction in its race against online giant, Amazon. The separation will happen by the end of Barnes and Noble’s first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year.

Barnes And Noble Company
English: TCU’s Barnes and Noble Bookstore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad dominate the Barnes and Noble Nook in the e-reader market. Barnes and Noble CEO Michael Huseby stated the company should be better positioned to increase the value of the bookseller’s stock by creating a retail arm and a Nook media arm because the 2 entities would be funded and run separately. He also said that the 2 businesses would continue in a successful relationship.

Will the Nook fare well? It’s hard to predict. Nook revenues dropped by 22 percent over the same time last fiscal year. Over the entire fiscal year, Nook revenues dropped a full 35 percent from $780.4 million in 2013 to $505.9 million in 2014

Originally, Microsoft had helped to fund the Nook with $605 million, probably with an eye to purchase the business as a spin off from Barnes and Noble. As things stand now, the Nook is not nearly as viable as Amazon’s Kindle product line or those offered by Samsung, Apple and Microsoft.

Barnes and Noble in general is on an upward swing, posting revenues of $1.3 billion in the fourth quarter, a figure up by 3.5 percent. The actual net income, however, was down by $36.7 million, equal to a loss of 72 cents a share on stock.

For the entire fiscal year, the bookseller had $6.4 billion in earnings in 2014. This figure is lower by 6.7 percent when compared to 2013. Net loss was $47.3 million, better than the loss of $157.8 in 2013. The stock price was a minus $1.12 per share. In 2013, the stock lost $3.02 per share.

The Nook And Other Great Gifts For Boss’ Day

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Okay, Boss’ Day is coming up soon. What are you getting your boss? Most employees don’t know what to get. However, if you have a really good boss, get him something nice in recognition of his hard work. Besides, he might do the same thing for you when Employees’ Day rolls around. The following are a few Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day that you could get your Boss.

In the past, you might have gotten your boss a pen set or a digital clock for his desk. However, with all of the new technology on the market, like the Nook from Barnes and Noble, these types of gifts aren’t that popular any longer. There’s nothing wrong with a pen set, and you could still get your boss one for Boss’ Day. But, what if your boss already has a laptop, tablet pc or cell phone that he practically uses for everything that he does? Try giving him a gift that is practical, but also very considerate.

Gift Ideas For Boss' Day
English: My Desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Car gadget charger. If your boss is like most people he will need one of these eventually. Everyone forgets to charge their phone every so often. He could keep it in a little nook in the car and charge his phone while driving to work. Did you know that Red Envelope sells a car charger that actually looks like a coffee cup? It can be stored in a special nook in the car or in a car cup holder. It’s very practical because it can charge three different gadgets at the same time such as a camera charger, phone or laptop. It also has the power to charge small gadgets too.

Laser pen. Your boss would really love this cool looking gadget. It is great for the boss that has to do a lot of presentations. Bosses also like to play around with pens like this and irritate their employees. It is small enough to fit in a drawer or any other office nook or cranny. Let him have his little work toy. Get your boss a laser pen for Boss’ Day.

Charging valet. Why should your boss have a disorganized ball of cords and wires when he could be using a charging valet instead? When located in the right nook, it can charge the gadgets that he uses on his desk. He can also use it at home too.

Ear buds. Your boss will love a new set of ear buds. They are great for when he jogs around the neighborhood. He can also use them when riding the train to and from work every day. Make sure you don’t get cheap ones though. He’s your boss, but you still want him to be comfortable. Right?

The following are some more traditional Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day, but they are good for either a male or female:

Travel mugs. Almost every office worker has a coffee mug sitting on their desk. Your boss would probably love a new one if he or she drinks a lot of tea or coffee. But, think travel mug instead. This type of mug is easy to take on the subway, to conferences or even on out of town trips. Try getting one that comes with a carabineer attachment. Your boss can easily attach it to a laptop bag when it is empty.

Food baskets. Even if they are on a diet, most bosses love to get food gifts. Get your boss a fruit, cookie, candy or muffin basket for Boss’ Day. Try getting a themed basket. For example, if he likes French cuisine, get a basket that contains French cheeses or sauces. Or, if he is a movie lover, get him a basket filled with his favorite movies. Good food and entertainment will make him want to crawl up in a comfortable nook and relax. Maybe this will reduce stress and make him nicer in the office.

Wine, liquor or alcohol of any sort. Depending on company policy, this is a great gift to give your boss on Boss’ Day. You may already know what he prefers. Get him some Scotch, wine or even champagne. You could also get enough so that everyone in the office can drink in his honor. Of course, this would be done in moderation.

If you are considering a group gift from everyone in the office, consider the following:

Experience days. These are wonderful gifts for a thrill seeker. Maybe your boss has always wanted to scuba dive, skydive, fight fires, pilot an airplane or even drive a race car. Look around for companies that offer gifts such as these. You can bet that he will appreciate this type of gift and that it will be an original.

Gift cards. He would love a gift card to his favorite restaurant, gym, store or event.

A signed card from everyone. This might seem like a trivial thing, but it will be appreciated.

Gifts that you should never give your boss:

Coffee mugs. This is different from the sophisticated type of travel mug that is discussed above. He probably has a cabinet full of coffee mugs, but not travel mugs.

Golf stuff. This is such an overplayed gift. He probably has golf balls tucked in every nook and cranny of his office and home. Even if he likes to play golf, he most likely has tons of golf stuff. If he is not a golfer, anything golf related will be a waste of money.

Mouse pads. Would you want a mouse pad on Employees’ Day? Enough said.

Desk toys. Aside from his laser pen, he really should not play with toys at work. Right? Besides, he probably has plenty of them already hidden in his desk.

Gag gifts. They might be funny for a few seconds, but many of them are offensive and can turn boring very quickly. After all, remember that he is your boss. He might not find your gift that funny.

On October 16th, give thanks to your boss by getting him or her on of our Gift Ideas For Boss’ Day. Give him kudos at least one day out of the year.

Creative Christmas Gifts For Geeks

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It’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect Christmas gifts for that special geek in your life. The perfect gifts for geeks are usually very fun, sometimes very useful, and can be technologically based. Ties and socks are allowed for this bunch. Great gift ideas can be found in both traditional stores as well as in online counterparts. Here are the popular Christmas Gifts For Geeks this year.

Christmas Gifts For Geeks
Photo of my Geek Pride Festival T-shirt, as taken by me, and posted to, color corrected in Gimp to make up for the bad auto-leveling of my old Casio QV-100. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Creative Christmas Gifts Shop For Geeks

Although some gifts for geeks are neutral, the gifts you opt for can depend on the interests, age and sex of the person on the receiving end. For example, the latest touch screen phone or tablet preloaded with useful and trendy apps is a good place to start for the techie geek. For the average geek however, there are lots of other cool gifts to consider.

Gifts that are based on favorite cartoon characters or superheroes are among the ultimate geek gifts. Hardly anything is better than a costume themed Christmas party where everyone dresses up as some of their favorite characters. 3D action figures, gifts that light up (think Star Wars swords or superhero nightlights and sneakers), posters, puzzles, cards, pen holders, tee-shirts, sweaters, bag, coasters and power packs are all equally great gifts for geeks. The trick is to keep the gifts themed.

Why Wait, Get Your Gifts For Geeks Today!

There is no need to wait until the holidays to find the perfect gift(s). Many gifts for geeks are available long before the holidays arrive. Additionally, these gifts are available for affordable prices that will not break the bank.

Christmas Carnival – January 4 Christmas Traditions

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Welcome to the January 4, 2014 edition of Christmas 2013 Carnival on Christmas Traditions.

Carolina Cotton presents Nostalgia posted at Carolina Cotton Bow Ties, saying, “As the temperature cools and the leaves change color that can only mean one thing. Fall is here and so is our Fall 2013 Collection of bow ties. We are sure to have something for you in our great selection of fall ginghams, polka dots, tattersalls, and plaids. Fall is here, even in South Carolina.”

Christmas tree with presents
Christmas tree with presents (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carolina Cotton presents Just a little info posted at Carolina Cotton Bow Ties, saying, “Gingham is quite popular especially for spring and summer, and the small regular pattern makes it suitable for a variety of shirt blue seersucker gingham bow tiepatterns. Ginghams are woven fabrics, so there is no right or wrong side.”

Fun and Frugal Christmas Traditions

John Schmoll presents 6 Fun and Frugal Christmas Traditions to Start This Year posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “Christmas is just around the corner which means the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. There are many traditions you can start in order to celebrate the Holiday and still be frugal at the same time.”


Tobias presents Adventskalender 2013 – Tobias Winkler .net posted at Tobias Winkler .net.

Lucy presents The Shortcut to Make the Best Ever Christmas Gift in Record Time posted at Painting for an Expressive Living.

Stories of Christmas Traditions

John Schmoll presents Has Holiday Gift Giving at the Office Gotten Out of Control posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “With it being the Holiday season, many are faced with the peer pressure of joining in on gift giving exchanges. If faced with this situation, it is possible to practice frugality and still celebrate the Season without busting your budget.”

Vanessa Morgan presents Writing at the coffee shop posted at Vanessa Morgan.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of christmas 2013 carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

Christmas Carnival – December 12

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Christmas Carnival
Pile of gorgeous gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the December 12, 2013 edition of Christmas 2013 Carnival. Bill Smith starts off this edition with a number of Christmas gifts for geeks. The Big Cajun Man thinks cash is a better gift than gift cards, I agree. And Kisses B has 25 budget gift suggestions that you should consider. Hope you like all the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, and like  our carnival on Facebook.

Carolina Cotton presents November posted at Carolina Cotton Bow Ties, saying, “November is here, the ninth month “novem” of the Roman calendar and the beginning of family get together season. A tweed, a plaid, time to change up the wardrobe. Its getting colder and so lets relocate to the hearth and share some trivia.”


Bill Smith presents Christmas Gift Ideas For Geeks posted at Christmas 2010 Shop, saying, “With so much to choose from, many people often find it difficult to understand what to buy for Christmas.”

Big Cajun Man presents Give Ca$h not Gift Cards for Christmas posted at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, saying, “What is wrong with giving Cash this Christmas season? Gift cards? You mean the ones I can buy at a gas station?”

Kisses B presents 25 Budget Holiday Gift Ideas posted at I Want My Kisses Back.

Kisses B presents Budget Holiday Gift Ideas posted at I Want My Kisses Back.


Emily Rebecca presents Emily likes to ramble on so: I don’t like Christmas. posted at Emily likes to ramble on so.

John Schmoll presents How I Come Up With Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “Shopping for Christmas presents for children can be a challenge when you want to be frugal and are on a limited budget. With a little creativity, you can come up with great Christmas gift ideas for your kids and still be frugal at the same time.”

Christmas Carnival Stories

Jana presents How To Make It Through The Holidays With Family posted at Wisdom Ink, saying, “The holidays are here again, and for some of us our fears about meeting family begin to rise. Here we feature not only how to make it through the holidays with family, but how to create a completely new experience of them to leave you feeling happy and merry throughout the festive season.”

Diane Mottl, MSW presents Keeping your zen during the holidays… posted at Being Truly Present, saying, “When we get caught up trying to orchestrate the perfect Christmas it is so easy to miss all the little moments that are happening…”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Christmas 2013 carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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